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Wille Nelson, Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood and J.P. DeJoria All Show Their Support!

How did signed celebrity photos, to Dallas, end up on the walls in one of the cabins? In 2004 Otho was officially placed on the National Historic Register. I don’t know the year that the smaller cabins were finished but it was in the dead of winter and I asked Why do all the little cabins have things like fishing and camping, where’s the girlfriend decor”?  I will never forget Mary got up and handed  me a key and said “Go ahead the end cabin is yours” I was so excited that I named it the Hollywood room. This started a whole chain of events. Every time Patrica does a movie she gets a photo signed to Otho. Thank you Patricia!

I’ve been affiliated with John Paul Mitchell Systems for years and I wanted J.P. and Dallas to meet. During one of the Sturgis Rallies, which P.J. usually attended, Dallas and J.P. planned a meeting and by the end of the meeting they were connected. Two great men doing their thing for the greater good of others. It was the start of a great relationship! J.P. organized a trip with several of his buddies during the rally to spend the day in Otho. What an event that was. Fun, fellowship, donations and great memories were created. There were so many bikes and folks wearing the traditional Paul Mitchell black that day! Watch the video that says it all!

Debra Dietrich

Muse Beauty

San Francisco, CA

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