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Otho Mine Rejuvenated!

April 10th, 2021 brought much needed upgrades to Otho Mine.

Volunteers from the MTN community and Mine Safety and Rescue Team came together to make significant improvements to the pathways in and around the mine, providing much improved access for the mobility-challenged and others visiting the mine.

The mine has been a training site for the South Dakota School of Mines for some years now. And is also a fascinating place to explore.

So many thanks to students from the S.D. School of Mines along with Meeting The Need regulars Rob and brother Greg, Doug and Wendy, Heidi, Mary, Eric, John and brother Chris for all their hard work with this project.

This fabulous team worked wonders in improving the over 200 feet of wooden pathways. The rock and dirt steps along the way were strengthened with paving stones. A wooden boardwalk was also installed making for much needed improvements in the mine's accessibility for all.

Of course the workers were guided and overseen by their "Mane" mentors Tipper and Marvin.

Quoting Dallas Dietrich: "It feels so good giving back!" And this troop gave back in well-coordinated and productive fashion the whole day.

Of course good solid work must always be followed by good solid play. The entire team ended the long day with Brats, burgers and brews. New friendships forged and old ones nurtured. Just can't beat that!

The S.D. School of Mines, Mine Rescue Team uses Otho mine to practice life-saving techniques under real mine conditions. They also utilize the mine to teach underground surveying and mapping and are always ready to assist with the ongoing maintenance of the mine itself. The team stresses excellence and professionalism in both the school and professional environments.


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