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Meeting The Need is Needing to Meet…

And honor our beloved friend Dallas Dietrich.

Chill is the bill, when you’re hanging in Otho!

Where you’ll meet some great folks.

Enjoy tasty eats and treats and refreshing beverages.

And enjoy gorgeous and engaging Otho!

August 28th from 11am until 4pm.

If you love Meeting The Need then you know Dallas. And if you know Dallas you won’t want to miss this chance to honor the man and his life’s dream.

If you don’t yet know Meeting The Need and Dallas Dietrich, then here’s your chance to catch up and get in touch.

Local artist, James Van Nuys, has created a beautiful bronze bust of our beloved friend. Bronze Dallas will begin his eternal watch over his most beloved place in the world, the Otho Camp, near Keystone, SD on this day in August.

And, BTW, it’s not too late to support the Dallas Project! You can still contribute to the memory of one of the greatest humans ever to have rolled through our lives.

If you’ll be attending, let us know via a comment below.

If you can’t make it, comment on what Dallas and Otho mean to you.

Thank you friends!

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