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If you admire Dallas Dietrich as much as we do...

and believe in Meeting The Need, we have a work in progress that we need your help with.
To help honor our good friend Dallas for his long-standing contributions toward bettering the lives of others, we have commissioned local artist, James Van Nuys, to create a bronze bust of our beloved friend. The photo at right is of the clay version that's just about ready to go bronze.
When finished, the bust will be proudly displayed as part of a Dallas Dietrich Memorial at one of his favorite places in the world, The Otho Camp, near Keystone, SD. The cost of this project is approximately $17,000.
This is where we really need your help! 
We're asking all those who believe in Dallas' vision to help us reach this important goal. Now it's up to all of us to pitch in and donate the dollars to get this amazing memorial finished!
Thank you all for honoring this great man by giving of your hard-earned dollars!
And the Dallas Project!
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