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  • Does our group need reservations?
    Yes, reservations in advance are very helpful as we do fill up. You should try to get your reservation in during the winter months ahead of your summer stay.
  • What does MTN supply?
    We supply towels, bed linens, blankets, pillows, toiletry supplies and firewood. You'll need to bring all other items, drinking water, food and drink etc. required for your stay.
  • Are there cooking equipment and facilities?
    Yes, we have a full, modern kitchen available for your use on the main floor of the 2-story. Pots, pans and a variety of cooking utensils and supplies are available. Self clean-up of the kitchen is required after meals. We also have a mini-fridge in the 1-story and another in the office.
  • How many does the camp sleep?
    If the beds are fully utilized, we can accommodate 23. (Please see cabin descriptions). We also have tent sites available but no RV hook-ups.
  • What are the bathroom facilities provided?
    We have a large stand-alone bath-house with 4 separate bath stalls within. Each contains a toilet, sink and roll-in shower. We also have a full bath with roll-in shower in the 1-story and a bath and a half in the two story.
  • What is MTN's pet policy?
    Dogs are allowed but must be attended 24/7. No dogs off leash and you must clean up after your dog. Dogs are not allowed in the showers.
  • Is the camp for the disabled only?
    Our camp was designed first and foremost for the mobility challenged but we do host campers with a variety of special needs. Disabled and special need groups will always have reservation priority here at MTN. That being said, we do on occasion host special events such as weddings, family reunions and corporate retreats etc. as the reservation calendar allows.
  • Is there interenet connectivity?
    Otho is in a beautiful valley a ways from town so internet connectivity is very, very limited at this time. While there are some spots where some connection is sustainable, they are few and far between.
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