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near Keystone was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in December 2004. The Otho Lode claim was first recorded in 1892 by Byron H. Ferguson and William McGarrity. In 1900, F.H. Long recorded his claim on the adjacent Longmont Lode. In 1914, Long established the Otho Tin Mill.

The Otho Mining District...
Mine works
Dallas and Mary bought Otho in 2002
Meeting The Need Vision.

The group, Meeting The Need, started with a unique vision and objective. To provide an adventure retreat for people with disabilities in a historic mining mountain environment that is totally wheelchair-accessible. The project is motivated by the personal experiences of Dallas Dietrich, injured in a 1997 auto accident.


The semi rig that hit them was doing 75 miles an hour and not stopping. The blizzard they were in was so intense that they were doing only 35 miles an hour while closely watching the shoulder of the interstate for guidance. Visibility was close to zero!

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