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Growing Up With Dallas Dietrich

Growing up with my brother was an experience. I can remember the old days when we spent summers at grandpa Dietrich’s homestead in Montana where he incessantly teased and played tricks on me. Those were fond memories of laughter, fun and learning life lessons from grandpa Dietrich. I know that my grandpa Frank must have bequeathed his good nature, kind spirit and positive outlook on life to my brother and me. The tricks and teasing genes, however, went to Dallas. Dallas said “grandpa used to let Debra and me do all the things we couldn’t do at home”. I don’t remember my brother getting angry or sad about anything.

He was Always an Enterprising Teenager

At an early age, Dallas was sweeping sidewalks and working at the soda fountain chopping ice. He then worked at Adults Super Value grocery store where he stocked shelves and delivered groceries to those who were housebound, especially the elderly. It was during this time that Dallas’s compassionate heart started to grow.

He greeted everyone with a big smile and a “How’re you doing?” Dallas was the kid who always stopped to make sure anyone with a challenge was taken care of… from helping someone cross the street to pulling over and lending a hand fixing a flat, he never hesitated to help, and always thought of others first. He did have his shenanigans on occasion and that, too, was part of our life growing up. As adults we used to sit for hours and laugh about our adolescence innocence and mischievousness. What wonderful memories!

Debra Dietrich

Muse Beauty

San Francisco, CA

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