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Being Dallas's Sister Was and Still Is a Big Responsibility

Dallas Did Have a Love for Bikes and Got an Invite To Do a Ride With JP in Texas

When JP calls, you take the opportunity! Well, Dallas and his good friend Rob (bless his heart) jumped on a plane and went to Austin, Texas for a Peace Love and Happiness motorcycle ride. (Insert a link to PLH) I was there and left the last day before Dallas and Rob returned. It is my understanding they had a great time following the ride. I was thrilled to see my brother get back on a bike and Rob driving in all the crazy traffic. Thank you, Rob, I think the Patron tequila in the evenings made everything ok.

I Watched My Brother Go Through Surgery After Surgery for the Net Several Years

I would fly out and spend every holiday and vacation time with Dallas and Mary in Otho. Those were such great years and memories. Sitting around the wood burning stove for hours and visiting.

Upon coming home to San Francisco after one of those trips, I found out my dad had been diagnosed with cancer. We were on the phone and my brother and I decided to go to Minot and take dad to his old homestead where my brother and I spend so much time in the summers. Our motto has always been “when you think of something, act on it”. We planned a trip to see dad. He had no idea what we were up to, but every day we would go to the assisted living home and say “dad want to do a road trip”? Every day he would say, no not today maybe tomorrow. Well, eventually he felt good enough to take the trip to Raymond and Plentywood, Montana. As we drove we listened to stories for hours with my dad. It was so much fun. We ran into all kinds of his old friends and we even went to a branding of over 1,000 cows! The last day of our trip dad came out of the room and said “I can’t remember the last time I felt this good”. Dallas and I repeated that phase so many times after that, and we were so thankful we acted on our hunch. Dad sadly passed six months after that trip.

I would fly to Denver in the dead of winter for several of his surgeries. While he laid on his back not being able to move after each surgery we would talk for hours about life and family. More than often, my brother liked to keep conversations on the lighter side. I really felt like those were the only times I had an advantage with my brother because he couldn't move or go anywhere so he had to listen. We used to laugh about it, and later he told me he would say anything just to get me to stop asking him questions. The most famous question I would ask was always “how do you feel about that”? It became quite the joke over the years.

Some of my friends think it’s kinda weird, but I was honored to have this relationship I had with him. Here's what I can tell you... when I would call him for advice and hear him say “ Debra, be the bigger person” it felt like a voice from above was talking to me. I respect my brother as a confidante, friend, mentor and big brother. Nowadays when I’m wondering what to do or wanting advice I find myself saying “WWDD” or What Would Dallas Do? This is the last photo we had together before our mom passed.

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Debra Dietrich

Muse Beauty, San Francisco, CA


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